Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fireworks, Watermelon...and Freedom

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you are enjoying a day full of relaxation, cookouts and fireworks. We are having a great time here, celebrating American style with hotdogs and watermelon. On this holiday, when we celebrate our birth as an independent nation, I would just like to ask you one question: what are you doing with all of your freedom? It's not a loaded question. Well, not completely. See, we live in a country where we constantly celebrate and remind ourselves of our freedom, but it seems we very rarely think much about what we are doing with it. Freedom is a gift, a blessing, and anyone who has spent much time in the Bible should be pretty well aware of the fact that when God blesses us, His intention is that we turn and bless others. This is something that we as Americans are pretty poor at remembering (myself included). So my question to you (and to myself) is, what are you doing with your freedom? How are you using this incredible blessing to benefit the Kingdom? I think we would all do well to ask ourselves this question, and to ask our Father for His opinion on the subject. Just a thought.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

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