Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pizza, Star Wars, Paper Airplanes...Family

Today was our last day with the Palmers, and what a day it was. Rain, power outage, paper plane wars, homemade pizza dinner (props to chef Tyler) and sharing in the kids' first ever exposure to STAR WARS. So great to help pass the Star Wars torch on to another generation. Man I'm gonna miss this family...

Just thought I'd leave you all with one last update before we enter the land of no internets. This will likely be one of our last updates before we get home...

Can't wait to see you all and share these stories in person!

all my love

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  1. Hey guys. I know you probably won't get this until you're home...but I've loved reading your blogs. So excited for your epic Stateside return. Hopefully you still have plans to make a swing through KC. Lots of great things are happening here! :) Much love and many prayers.